Commercial Name: CitymapXL

Legal Entity: Jazura BVBA

Slachthuislaan 38, 1000 Brussel, Belgie

VAT: BE0863.606.143

RPR Brussel


The here mentioned terms and conditions define the relationship between the customer and the webshops of JAZURA bvba. Each visit of and sale via the website suppose the complete acceptance by the customer, without reservation, of the here mentioned terms and conditions. JAZURA bvba reserves at all time the right to modify the terms and conditions on this website. A great deal of time and effort has been put in the presentation, description and images of the products offered on this website. If, despite the efforts to do this in a correct manner, there is an error on our website, JAZURA bvba can not be held responsible.


The prices are valid for the day they were consulted on the website (or for the valid period, if mentioned). All prices are including VAT and excluding transport costs. Cost of transport (whether it is free or not) is mentioned separately

Sales Agreement

1) The sales agreement is, with reservation to point 4, made at the moment of acceptance by the customer of the offer and the satisfaction of the thereby mentioned conditions.

2) If the customer confirmed the order online, JAZURA bvba will confirm immediately by email the reception of the order. As long as the reception of the order is not confirmed, the customer can cancel the agreement.

3) If the agreement is made online, JAZURA bvba will take fitting technical and logistic measures to secure the online exchange of data, and will provide a secure web environment. If the customer can pay electronically, JAZURA bvba will provide fitting security measures.

4) JAZURA BVBA can -within the legal framework- take precautions to research if the customer is able to meet the payment obligations, as well as all the facts and factors which are important for a responsible entering into agreement. If JAZURA bvba has, based on this research, good reasons not to enter into a sales agreement, it can be legally motivated to refuse an order or request, or attach special conditions to the acceptance of the order.

5) JAZURA bvba will provide, together with the product or service, the following information, in writing or in such a way that the customer can save it on a durable carrier:

  1. the address of JAZURA bvba where the customer can go for complaints;
  2. the conditions under which, and the method how, the customer can use his right to revoke, or a clear notificiation if the right to revoke is not applicable;
  3. the information, if applicable, about guarantees and after sales customer service;
  4. the in point 4 of these terms and conditions mentioned reasons and/or special conditions, unless JAZURA bvba already provided the customer with it before the order was processed;

6) If  JAZURA bvba has engaged itself to the delivery of a range of products and services, point 5 is only applicalbe to the first delivery.

Personal Data

Your personal data are used by JAZURA bvba for order confirmation, invoicing and shipment of the order. When making an account profile, the customer is at all time responsible for the correctness of the dat. In case of errors in the address-, invoice- or other customer data, JAZURA bvba can not held responsible for the impossibility to meet its obligations (e.g. shipment or communication). Furthermore the customer is responsible for the confidentiality of the passwords linked to the user profile. If the customer is below the legal age of 18 years, this website can only be used with explicit written permission from the parents or legal guardian.

Transport costs

Shipping costs are:

  1. a) 5,95 euro for shipment to Belgium, Netherlands.
  2. b) 19,95 euro for shipment to France, Germany, Austria, Luxemburg and United Kingdom.

JAZURA bvba keeps the right to change the structure of its transport costs where necessary. Any extra costs will always be clearly mentioned on the order confirmation and invoice.


The order will be delivered within a period of 1 to 10 days after reception of payment (on average it is 5 to 7 days). These delivery times are an estimate. JAZURA bvba can not be held responsible for delays in transport.

In case of absence at the moment of delivery, the customer will receive a written notification in the letter box. After that, the transport will retry to deliver 2 times. If the package can not be delivered by the third time, the package will be returned to us. In the written notification it will also be possible to make a new delivery appointment with the transporter, by phone or through their website.

When a package that is returned to us, has to be sent again, we will need to invoice transport costs, even when shipment was free the first time it was sent!

The maximum delivery time is 30 days, unless otherwise agreed. If this delivery time is not achievable, JAZURA bvba will timely inform the customer. The customer has in that case the right to cancel the order, without extra costs. All paid amounts will then be refunded within 30 days.

JAZURA BVBA is responsible for the package until it is delivered. When the package is shipped you will receive notification. Please contact us if you have not received your package within 7 days of the shipment notification.

Liablity for transport damage

Before shipment, all articles are checked. We provide a strong and decent packaging. The customer engages himself to check the package delivery immediately upon receiving, and has to inform us immediately if there is any damage. This can be done by email, preferably including a picture of the damaged goods. Please do not throw away the packaging material before you have thoroughly checked that the order is in good condition. Return sending always has to be done in consultation with us. So please never send back a package on your own initiative.

Right to revoke

If the customer is not satisfied with the delivered order, he has the right -without motivation- to revoke his order and return the article(s). The customer has to notify us within 14 working days, in writing (via email), that he wants to cancel the order.

The article has to be returned in the original packaging, in undamaged and unused condition, sufficiently stamped and with mentioning of the order number. The customer has to bear the costs and risk of the return sendings. Return sendings without notification will not be credited.

Important: The right to revoke is not applicable to articles or services which are custom made. Articles that contain images or text which were delivered by the customer are seen as custom made products.

Goods that are returned to us under the conditions as described above, are credited and refunded within a period of 30 days of returning. The customer gets in this case a refund of the purchase price (including the applied transport costs if any). In case it concerns an article that was wrongfully delivered by JAZURA bvba, then also the costs of the return shipment are paid by JAZURA bvba.

JAZURA bvba has the right to refuse return sendings when we presume that the articles are used or when presumed that the damage is inflicted by someone other than JAZURA bvba or the transport company.


Payment on the CitymapXL website is processed by our partner MultiSafepay, specialized in 100% secure online payments. Currently you can pay by: credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express), Bancontact / MrCash / Maestro, or iDEAL. MultiSafepay is secured by multiple firewall systems and the SSL 128 bit protocol. As a result, at the moment of payment, automatically the validity is checked and all exchange communication is scrambled to ensure security and confidentiality. The exchange of sensitive information -like credit card numbers- is done between the customer and the 100% secure site of MultiSafepay. Neither CitymapXL nor unwanted visitors can see this information. At the moment of payment, the customer is not on the site of CitymapXL but on the secure servers of MultiSafepay.

Proprietary Rights

JAZURA BVBA remains owner of the sold product until the payment has been done in full.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

On all agreements between the websites of JAZURA bvba and the customer, Belgian law is applied. In case of dispute, only the courts of the Brussels jurisdiction (gerechtelijk arrondissement Brussel) are competent.

JAZURA understands the importance of the privacy of its customers and the protection of their personal data. It is important for us that we create and maintain an environment where our customers feel comfortable that their information will not be misused.
We comply with the applicable data protection laws, such as the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and national data protection laws. These data protection laws relate to the protection of your personal data and grants you rights in respect of your personal data.
Our Privacy and Cookie Policy aims to tell you which personal data we collect from you and how your data will be used following the use of our website to try to ensure you the proper handling of your data.